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Usage Rules

April 21, 2012. I haven't written the rules yet. I have given a bunch of people permission. Basically no selling them as is as prints or as stock - make some art of them. No anti gay use (ie. nothing for republicanism, stephen harper, or anti gay promotion, or really for an actual candidate at all of any stripe except an environmentalist candidate. If you are a big corporation or have a staff of 5 or more I will be expecting you to send me a donation. If a gay enviornmentalist would approve or if you are rich and send me some money you probably are okay until i write something better. There is a contact button if you are not sure - to email me (or

If you make something pretty or cool send me a link if you can and I might like it enough to put in my next book if that is acceptable.

It isn't necessary, but photo credit can go to: CRAIG MUSSELMAN or